Version 1.4.5: Usermanagement and Pagination

Version 1.4.5 optimizes the user-management and adds the possibility to paginate posts in the frontend. If you have more than 10 registered users, then a pagination and a search functionality will appear. The pagination for posts in the frontend is only implemented for the cyanine-theme right now.

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All changes of version 1.4.5 in detail:

  • User: Added a user-management for more than 10 users.
  • User: Added a pagination for more than 10 users.
  • User: Added search functions for usernames, userroles and usermails for more than 10 users.
  • User: Refactored the user-model.
  • User: Select field with userroles can be added to themes and plugins with dataset = userroles now.
  • User: Added the possibility to insert more than one owner for a page in the metatab (separated with comma)
  • User: If role in session does not exist, the role is set to member in authentication process.
  • Fix: Translations are loaded again when website is hosted under a subdomain.
  • Fix: Meta-tabs are working now for the raw editor mode again.
  • Translations: Added more german translations.
  • Themes: Added a block for javascript into the standard layout twig template so you can add additional js-files.
  • Themes: Added a currentpage variable for posts to create paginations in frontend.
  • Cyanine: Added a paging for posts.
  • Cyanine: Added an option to list posts on the startpage.
  • Cyanine: Fixed margin auto of content area for large and full size (starts on top instead of middle now).
  • Cyanine: Resized content area for large layout (smaller).

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