Version 1.4.1: Custom Fields

Version 1.4.1 introduces an amazing new feature: A new field type called customfields, that accepts one or more pairs of keys and values. A very flexible and powerfield field type that is similar to the beloved customfields of WordPress. Customfields are only available for meta tabs right now. Version 1.4.1 also provides an important fix for the markdown editor.

Screenshot of the new customfields for typemill

The changes in details are:

#Typemill Resources

Please visist the new resource page for Typemill on GitHub. There are also some plugins that have not been published on the plugin page yet. You can filter the resource page for:

#Visual Markdown Editor

There was a never ending story of bugs with the Visual Markdown Editor, because the detection of blocks did not work correctly. I changed the block-detection in version 1.4.0 completely and switched to the parsedown library for that purpose. I got some help now from the creators of the markdown libary to fix the final errors with tables, footnotes and definitionlists. Now it works reliable and the never ending story has an end now, hopefully.

#Next Release

I will work on an improved and extended version of the eBook plugin 1.1.0 now.

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