The {{ settings }} variable is a simple array. It combines the default settings and the user specific settings of the settings.yaml file.

Useful Settings

The following settings might be useful for your theme:

{{ settings.title }}

The title of the website. The default value is TYPEMILL.

{{ settings.author }}

Thee author of the website. The default value is unknown.

{{ settings.copyright }}

The copyright of the website. The default value is copyright.

{{ settings.startpage }}

Has a separate startpage or not. Default value is true.

{{ settings.theme }}

The name of the theme that is in use. Default value is typemill.

{{ settings.version }}

The version of TYPEMILL that is in use. A value of the format 0.0.1.

Additional Settings

There a some more settings that are probably not very useful for your theme:

{{ settings.themeFolder }}

The folder of the theme. The default value is theme.

{{ settings.contentFolder }}

The folder of the content. The default value is content.

{{ settings.rootPath }}

The full path to the root of the website.

{{ settings.themePath }}

The full path to the theme of the website.

{{ settings.authorPath }}

The full path to the author theme. This theme is actually only in use for the setup path, but might hold an admin dashboard in future.

{{ settings.displayErrorDetails }}

If the error display is off or on. Default value is false.

Some more informations are provided by the Slim framework, that runs under the hood of TYPEMILL. You will probably never use them.